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Chuu Wai

with "Rollenbilder"

About the artist

Chuu Wai

Chuu ist eine Künstlerin aus Mandalay, die seit 2008 als junge Influencerin bekannt wurde und mit dem Myanmar Influencer Award ausgezeichnet wurde.

EN: Is a Mandalay artist who has been active since 2008 when she began studying at the National University of Art and Culture (Mandalay) and Technological University (Mandalay). She has had eight solo exhibitions and already had about 30 local and international exhibitions including London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Canberra. She was invited as a speaker for international and local art talks and events such as Women’s Forum (Singapore), Global Entrepreneurship Week, British Embassy class, etc. She is a founder of ‘Young Dream’ under the Jefferson Center (Mandalay) which is a group organizing workshops and exhibitions for young artists. In Myanmar, she is also well known as a young influencer artist and was for example selected to be part of the Myanmar Influencer Award. Chuu shared her inspiration and motivation on many TV channels, medias and press articles, including BBC News, VOA Burmese News, Polskie Radio, Trebuchet Magazine, Frontier, The Myanmar Time, MNTV, MRTV 4 and many more.

ခြူးဝေသည် မန္တလေးမြို့သူ artist တစ်ဦးဖြစ်သည်။ ၂၀၁၈ ခုနှစ်ကတည်းက လူငယ် influencer တစ်ဦးအနေဖြင့် လူသိများခဲ့ပြီး၊ Myanmar Influencer Award ကိုလည်း ရရှိထားသည်။

The Art

Chuu teilte ihre Inspiration und Motivation mit vielen Fernsehsendern, Medien und Presseartikeln, darun-
ter BBC News, VOA Burmese News, Polskie Radio, Trebuchet Magazine, Frontier, The Myanmar Time, MNTV, MRTV 4 u.v.m. Sie hatte acht Einzel-
ausstellungen und bereits rund 30 lokale und internationale Ausstellungen, darunter in London, Paris, New York, Hongkong und Canberra. Sie wurde als Rednerin zu internationalen und lokalen Kunstvorträgen und Veranstaltungen eingeladen, z. B. Women’s Forum (Singapur), Global Entrepreneurship Week, British Embassy Class usw. Sie ist Mitbegründerin von “Young Dream” im Jefferson Center (Mandalay), einer Gruppe, die Workshops und Ausstellungen für junge Künstler organisiert.

EN: Since 2015, Chuu has been working on paintings which reflect her interest in the female identity when her artistic impulse found a new outlet after the sexual harassment of a guy on the street. This experience made her focus on gender issues and the condition of women in Myanmar today. The paintings are created against the many ways society controls and scrutinizes women more than men, the ways that women resist and the way that culture is evolving. Chuu Wai is interested in discovering and working with handcrafted materials which showcased artwork made in part with traditional hta-meins and longgyis (traditional long, wrap skirt) fabrics as canvases. The strong, confident, sexy women depicted with traditional (male) accessories challenge the control of society over women. Like her peers today, the women in the paintings are sexy, playful, confident, and thoughtful – no longer prepared to accept the traditional role Myanmar society has thrust upon them for too long.