Activities in 2023

09.01.2023 - Solidarity Day at the Domforum in Cologne

Kick-off of the events on the anniversary of the coup on 29.01.2023 in Cologne!

For the first time in the history of the cathedral, the Burmese language will be heard there as part of an intercession by our chairwoman.

Well over 100 guests then attended the discussion in the Cathedral Forum, where Chan and Bishop Marco Tin Win were part of the program. Around 60-70 Burmese people had also traveled to the event.

The new association roll-up was used for the first time at our stand.

A detailed report under the motto "Church service on "Tokyo Sunday" can also be found here at Domradio.

06.02.2023 - 1. Indo-Pacific Briefing Myanmar

To mark the second anniversary, we not only demonstrated and wrote letters to politicians, but also launched our new series "Indo-Pacific Briefings Myanmar" with the kick-off event "Myanmar Hanging in the Balance - The Political Outlook for 2023".

In the one-hour lunchtime briefing, we showed an excerpt from the documentary "Myanmar: The Forgotten Revolution" and discussed the situation in Myanmar with Nyein Chan May, Chairwoman, German Solidarity with Myanmar Democracy e.V, Han Htoo Khant Paing, expert, Digital Public Square and Felix Heiduk, Head of the Asia Research Group, German Institute for International and Security Affairs.

Around 30 people from the fields of politics, foundations, associations, media and activism attended and were able to network afterwards over Burmese finger food.

It was our first attempt to establish such a format and it was a complete success! It was a high-level exchange that probably contained one or two new inputs for all participants.

And so we will continue with it and, to summarize it in the words of the panel participants:

Like a broken record, we repeated that the military junta will not be recognized and the democratic efforts will not end.

The event ended with positive wishes and anecdotes in these sometimes gloomy times.

Of course, the people of Myanmar did not defeat the military with the last "silent strike" on February 1, 2013. But it was shown once again that the vast majority is prepared to stand up for democracy. And so we dream of a common future and see the current situation not only as a crisis, but also as a window of opportunity for new opportunities for peace and freedom.

The optimism stems from the fact that there is still, and increasingly, a very broad and active opposition movement. The work is like cooking in a microwave: the heat comes from all directions until the dish is cooked.

It is fitting that we held this discussion right next to Checkpoint Charlie. For 40 years, a line ran through this place, separating systems based on freedom from systems based on authoritarian control. We believe that today that line runs through Myanmar instead.

Frühjahr / Sommer 2023 - MyanmarBike - Kultur on Tour in "The Länd"

Is the world changing and all we can do is watch? No! Democracy is alive and you are part of it. We will educate you and show you what you can do. Get to know the political situation and culture of Myanmar. Find out what migration and climate change in the Global South have to do with us.

A cargo bike, a trailer and lots of impressions! We ride CO2 neutral from place to place and show with films, lectures and exhibitions what is going on in Myanmar. Come along and immerse yourself in the world of geopolitical contexts and development policy issues - and best of all: all this with a cup of freshly brewed tea from the MyanmarMobile.

August 2023 - WeAreTheSeeds

“We are the seeds – the art of Myanmar’s Spring Revolution"

Our exhibition "We are the seeds - the art of Myanmar's Spring Revolution" brings painting, performance, multi-media installations, dance and photography by leading contemporary artists from Myanmar to Berlin from July 10 to 21, 2023.

A forgotten conflict is raging in Myanmar. 15 million people need humanitarian aid (as many as in Ukraine) and there are 15,000 political prisoners (as many as in Iran). And yet we rarely hear about it in this country.

"We are the seeds" is an exhibition of 20 exiled artists from Myanmar. Through their paintings, photography, comics, films, performances and sound art, they are taking part in their country's democratic revolution and designing creative futures for their homeland.

The artists also stand for the empowerment of women, the LGBTQI movement and ethnic minorities. Together, they outline a hopeful future for a democratic, inclusive and peaceful Myanmar.

September 2023 - Screening Event "The Ice Cream Sellers"

Last Friday, German Solidarity with Myanmar Democracy organised the screening event of the film "The Ice Cream Sellers" by Sohel Rahman.

It is a touching story about Ayas and Asia, two young Rohingya siblings living the refugee camp in Cox's Bazar. It is a story of courage, tragedy, loss and hope.

The screening was followed by a discussion with one of the most vocal Rohingya activists Nay San Lwin about the situation in Rakhine State and Cox's Bazar, what can the international community do more to support Rohingyas and Myanmar.

We would like to thank:

Sohel Rahman for letting us screen the film in Berlin,

Ro Nay San Lwin for sharing valuable knowledge and his tireless efforts for human rights,

Regenbogenfabrik for great hospitality,

For Federal Myanmar - Berlin Germany for delicious Myanmar snacks,

last but not least Engagement Global for supporting us to make this event possible.

09.12.2023 - Weihnachtsrodeo Berlin

We from " German Solidarity with Myanmar Democracy e.V. will be represented with a stand at this indoor Christmas market on December 9 and 10, 2023. We will make part of our stand space available for the sale of Myanmar dishes.

Look forward to delicious, traditional food from Myanmar and get to know us and our work! We will be in cinema hall 4 on the ground floor.

As special culinary specialties this year we will have Tohu-Nway (Shan noodles with warm chickpea sauce) and Bane Mont (sweet rice pancakes)!