Sending letters and mails

Personally email members of the Federal Parliament to take action in support of the pro-democracy movement in Myanmar, including imposing additional targeted sanctions against the junta and actively supporting resistance to military rule. As a German citizen, you can use Abgeordnetenwatch to find the Bundestag members responsible for you by simply entering your zip code. Here we have created a draft message for you to use when contacting them. In general, we recommend being polite, using good arguments and being convincing by focusing on the essentials.

Do this regularly so that the issue of Myanmar is not forgotten in German politics.

Note: there are a few more sample texts on our german page

Sample texts for mails/letters

Mail to Telenor Investors

Schreibe Mails an die Investoren von Telenor und bitte diese, ihren Einfluss geltend zu machen um den Verkauf der Nutzerdaten zu stoppen!
Write mails to Telenor's investors and ask them to use their influence to stop the sale of user data!

You can use the following text as a template, change it and send it off:

"About: Sale of Telenor's Myanmar division to the company SBP

Dear Sir or Madam,
as reported by Reuters, Telenor's mobile phone division in Myanmar is to be sold off ( 80% of the shares are to go to the company Shwe Byain Phyu (SBP), which is closely linked to the Myanmar military junta, as Justice for Myanmar has documented (

The sale is also said to include the data of users in Myanmar over the last few years. This could put millions of people at risk because the military can use the metadata of users to draw conclusions about the activities of government critics.

The possibility of surveillance is now only strengthened by the planned handover of user data to Telenor Myanmar's approved buyer, a joint venture between M1 and the company Shwe Byain Pyu (SBP). About SBP, which has close ties to the junta (, the user's data can be passed on to the military through the "short official channels".
There is therefore a particularly high risk if telecommunications infrastructure, including user data, falls directly or indirectly into the hands of the military. This can make Telenor Myanmar militarily useful for the interception of communications.

The legal situation in Myanmar exacerbates the situation. Since the coup, two junta drafts for a so-called cybersecurity law have caused a stir.
Neither draft has emerged through legitimate legislative processes, nor are they yet legally enforceable even by the junta's standards. Nevertheless, there are many reports that, for example, the use of VPN services, which would be banned by the new draft, is already being controlled and punished by the police and military. Fundamental threats to users' data are already inherent in the Telecommunications Act of 2013.
Article 40 of the Telecommunications Act, for example, allows authorities to interrogate license holders and gives authorities access to companies' offices and equipment to obtain unspecified information.
This problematic legal situation would be significantly aggravated by the new drafts. For example, the obligation to give authorities access to users' data would be extended to all vaguely defined providers of online services. These drafts make it clear how the junta wants to deal with users and their data. Given the commitment to users and their rights, it is equally impossible to comply with the junta and put monitoring mechanisms in place. It is equally impossible to leave the country and put users in danger.

I therefore urge you, as an investor in Telenor, to use your existing influence to prevent the transfer of user data to the military in Myanmar.
By doing so, you will prevent dangerous situations, cruel torture, and the death of thousands of people.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time!
With kind regards
Write a Mail to:

Investor Folketrygdfondet

Investor The Vanguard Group, Inc.

Investor DWS Investment GmbH

Investor Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec

Investor Storebrand Kapitalforvaltning AS

Investor KLP Forsikring